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"The world still needs heroes, kid."
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A gothling and wannabe screenwriter/novelist/Mutant Enemy employee who has often been compared to Kaylee, or an alternate-universe Kaylee who loves Wash. She desperately wants to see Mad Max so that she can understand her own Thunderdome jokes. Aside from Wash, Andrew, Spike and most recently Topher are some of her favourites ever, with Lorne taking out the definitive Number One spot (rest in peace, Andy). She is also ridiculously enamoured with Battlestar Galactica, Terry Pratchett, Star Trek, Pushing Daisies (CHENO!) and Peter Davison, who hasn't been young enough for this to be sane since the 1980s.

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10/01/2009 19:33 CET   18621. review Dollhouse pilot. 

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