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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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03/03/2011 19:58 CET   25998. The results of SFX's Whedon genderbending competition. 
26/10/2009 02:44 CET   22133. Discuss the fourth episode of Dollhouse season 2. 
28/03/2009 22:29 CET   19665. Discuss the seventh episode of Dollhouse. 
21/03/2009 04:48 CET   19576. Felicia Day interviewed by PBS at South by Southwest. 
02/03/2009 21:13 CET   19312. Another "Dollhouse" Related Webcomic. 
01/03/2009 05:54 CET   19284. Discuss the third episode of Dollhouse. 
01/03/2009 05:50 CET   19284. Discuss the third episode of Dollhouse. 
14/02/2009 09:24 CET   19102. Discuss the first episode of Dollhouse. 
13/02/2009 22:11 CET   19085. Dollhouse's memory science mixes fact with fiction. 
19/01/2009 21:34 CET   18722. Regular Bronze musician and outer rim prostitute performs on Rockwiz. 
08/01/2009 04:23 CET   18591. Knit Wash's Sweater. 

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