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"I'm not cheap, I'm just old."
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Member since: 02 January 2009
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kristen / my real name
kristen cunningham

Australia, like as in the movie with Nicole Kidman!

JOSS WHEDON - That living word awakened my soul, gave it light, hope, joy, set it free.

joss; way beyond my ken, and my barbie, and any other action figures i have.

and so this is me. i may not be joss whedon's BIGGEST ever fan. but i'm pretty daaamn big! well i had this big long speech written/typed out, but to be honest, i tend to ramble. so i backspaced (Y).

anywho... the obsession is JOSS. anything to do with JOSS. anyone to do with JOSS. just plaing JOSS.

these photos. ENOUGH SAID. <3

possibley the best things since the coon reseal-able package. x

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