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"Mercy, forgiveness, trust. Those are the things he left back there."
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Member since: 12 April 2009
brinderwalt has posted 129 links and 1602 comments to WHEDONesque.


Northeastern United States

Opera singer. Choral composer. UX Designer/Researcher. Electro-technical mastermind.

First discovered Firefly in early November, 2008 A.D.

Now can be found (at least in theory) on Twitter. Also on Youtube and

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25/07/2017 20:32 CET   36441. Justice League extensive reshoots causing headaches for star schedules.  
17/06/2017 01:52 CET   36362. 'Justice League': Danny Elfman to compose score. 
24/05/2017 08:29 CET   36337. Joss Whedon to shepherd Justice League movie to completion. 
18/04/2017 19:40 CET   36267. Firefly shout-out in recent episode of Powerless on NBC. 
17/04/2017 20:02 CET   36267. Firefly shout-out in recent episode of Powerless on NBC. 
10/04/2017 21:11 CET   36254. Eat, Slay, Love. 
02/04/2017 03:37 CET   36242. Who should play Batgirl for Joss Whedon? 
22/03/2017 22:13 CET   36221. 9 sci-fi musicals that rocked television before Supergirl and The Flash.  
26/02/2017 22:22 CET   36144. R.I.P. Bill Paxton. 
04/02/2017 05:07 CET   36098. Alan Tudyk's new show 'Powerless' aired yesterday. 
03/02/2017 19:45 CET   36098. Alan Tudyk's new show 'Powerless' aired yesterday. 
20/01/2017 03:27 CET   36050. Screen Rant suggests several Whedonesque actors who could play Bruce Wayne/Batman on CW. 
13/01/2017 07:54 CET   36036. Fox would be open to Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon wants to revisit it. 
27/11/2016 09:04 CET   35965. Ron Glass has passed away at age 71. 
22/09/2016 04:27 CET   35830. Joss Whedon rejoins Twitter and launches 
14/08/2016 01:55 CET   35764. Rumor Alert: Joss Whedon directing the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover? 
29/07/2016 04:09 CET   35732. Grant Gustin would like to see Joss Whedon direct 'The Flash'. 
14/05/2016 00:05 CET   35593. 'Joss Whedon would my choice to direct Andre the Giant movie' says wrestler's daughter. 
13/05/2016 03:25 CET   35589. Nathan Fillion's 'Castle' cancelled.  
13/05/2016 00:15 CET   35588. Agent Carter cancelled.  

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