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"Maybe where you're from all the children play walk through the walls. I never learned it."
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Madison, WI

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09/05/2012 10:52 CET   28797. The Purple. 
16/03/2010 14:09 CET   23388. Jane Espenson writing an episode of Game Of Thrones season one. 
02/12/2009 22:12 CET   22538. Who is the greatest tv sleuth of all time? 
31/10/2009 19:26 CET   22225. Trailer and poster for Charisma Carpenter's new movie 'Psychosis'. 
10/10/2009 22:37 CET   21968. The top five Joss Whedon characters. 
30/09/2009 22:33 CET   21849. No Dollhouse on Friday, October 16th. 
22/09/2009 23:32 CET   21747. Fran Kranz is Blue in Megabot (NSFW). 
31/07/2009 21:53 CET   21134. Discuss the original Dollhouse pilot episode 'Echo'. 
19/07/2009 16:45 CET   21018. Bad boy Spike. 
09/05/2009 21:55 CET   20236. 'Epitaph One' will be a no-show on Hulu. 

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