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"If I ate your head, two thirdsss of your agents would praise me in poems and sssong."
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19/05/2014 17:24 CET   33095. Ten years of not fading away. 
20/12/2013 02:05 CET   32380. 'Meeting James Marsters' - a video. 
29/08/2013 00:01 CET   31702. The cast of How I Met Your Mother on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. 
20/08/2013 03:11 CET   31656. Happy Birthday, James Marsters. 
04/08/2013 14:14 CET   31577. Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about her husband's guest stint on Bones this coming season. 
27/06/2013 15:22 CET   31360. Cabin in the Woods becomes the theme for Halloween Horror Nights 23. 
20/05/2013 18:00 CET   31040. Sarah Michelle Gellar on the 10th anniversary of Buffy's finale. 
14/05/2013 12:46 CET   30988. "You'll Be Safe Here" - a celebration of geek culture. 
14/05/2013 12:09 CET   30988. "You'll Be Safe Here" - a celebration of geek culture. 
01/04/2013 23:35 CET   30711. A Buffy episode makes TVLine's list of plot twists they wish were April Fools jokes. 
22/02/2013 00:00 CET   30480. Joss Whedon's insidious hidden agenda exposed. 
17/01/2013 23:57 CET   30301. The Trio, together again! 
10/01/2013 06:44 CET   30254. Buffy vs Edward creator's fair use dispute with Lionsgate. 
08/01/2013 01:40 CET   30233. Watch James Marsters rock out as Declan Horn in 'Wedding Band'. 
05/01/2013 02:25 CET   30219. Science Channel put Firefly deleted scenes online. 
30/10/2012 23:12 CET   29909. Forbes suggests 3 options for the next Star Wars trilogy. 
29/10/2012 15:41 CET   29898. Whedon on Romney. 
03/10/2012 05:04 CET   29754. First peek at the core S.H.I.E.L.D. characters. 
22/09/2012 01:33 CET   29706. Nathan Fillion needs someone to play Nathan Fillion in Castle's Firefly Parody. 
04/07/2012 07:15 CET   29206. "Fruity Oaty Bar! The Motion Picture." 

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