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"You know, next to you, I am downright linear."
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Wow, my adorkable little 16 year old description just hammers in how long I've been a Whedon fan. (Coming up on my 5 year Whedonversary!)

Anyway, time for a new profile description. I'm presently a 19 year old university film student, a non-professional film critic, and a professional liker of things. I enjoy pastimes that involve a lack of exertion and/or responsibility such as convincing strangers that I am knowledgable about film and adopting house plants to cope with the absence of my kitties while at school. (The house plants one is pushing the boundaries of my no responsibilities rule.)

My dearest ambition for an internship is to be the assistant to the assistant to Joss Whedon.

I'm 16 years old and a fairly new Whedon fan. I've been lurking at Whedonesque for a while waiting for registration to open.I love BTVS the most of Joss's shows, but I watch and love all of them. My favorite characters are- Spike, Willow, Anya, Cordy, Wesley, Angelus, The Mayor, Oz, Topher, Wash, River, Faith, Giles, Andrew, and Illyria.

I <3 Joss so much and I'm SO excited to FINALLY be able to be a part of Whedonesque!!!

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