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"This must be what going mad feels like."
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janet Blumberg
seattle WA

i'm so glad you are adding members right now. I'm a professor of literature and I don't plan to comment often, but once in a while i have really wanted to say something. I love the discussions of specific episodes of Joss's work and I love interacting with younger people such as the lively ones I taught all my life before retirement.

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14/05/2011 15:37 CET   26479. A fan made, rather excellent, Dollhouse season two trailer. 
07/02/2011 11:34 CET   25822. Serenity screening tonight in Seattle, WA . 
06/02/2011 14:03 CET   25822. Serenity screening tonight in Seattle, WA . 
10/01/2011 13:13 CET   25646. According to Critics, Olivia Williams Was the Best of 2010. 
16/11/2010 19:01 CET   25306. Subtle Firefly reference in last night's Castle. 
30/03/2010 12:38 CET   23515. Castle Renewed for 3rd Season. 
17/03/2010 11:00 CET   23392. Nick Brendon allegedly tazed and arrested in Venice, CA. 
27/02/2010 13:39 CET   23228. Eliza Dushku to Host "We Live in Public" Screening in LA. 

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